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Technology & Innovation.

Thanks to all!! The 1880 Colletion of Confectionary Holding was elected Product of the Year 2016 by consumers, Grand innovation award.

The product candidates in this edition have been evaluated by over 10,000 consumers and relate to launches into the Spanish market for more than 50 different companies. The award is an international recognition of the efforts to offer innovative products from the food group which includes the brands; Nougat 1880, El Lobo, Clair de Lune, Doña Jimena and Imperial Toledana.

The Product of the Year Award is celebrated in 36 different countries and is the only event where consumers choose, by direct voting, the most innovative consumer products of the year. 1880 Collection has obtained the best score in all categories of this important award; The Group has chosen the format ‘ready to use’ (open and ready to eat) as the new trend in consuming Christmas sweets. Functionality and comfort are the added values of the Product of the Year 2016, A selection of 8 different products and more than 35 portions packed individually and presented on a tray 1880, to facilitate their presentation, conservation and consumption.

In Confectionary Holding will keep commitment to innovation to meet your demands and needs. Thank You.

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ALMENDRA Y MIEL, S.A. ha realizado el proyecto “IMPLANTACIÓN DE NUEVAS SOLUCIONES TÉCNICAS PARA LA GESTIÓN DIGITAL COMPLETA DEL SISTEMA PRODUCTIVO EN ALMENDRA Y MIEL” para el que ha conseguido el apoyo financiero de IVACE a través del Programa PROYECTOS DE DIGITALIZACIÓN DE PYME (DIGITALIZA-CV), con una subvención de 30.000,00 €.

Esta subvención cuenta con el apoyo financiero de IVACE y del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) en un 50% a través del Programa Operativo FEDER de la Comunitat Valenciana 2014 -2020.

ALMENDRA Y MIEL, S.A. cuenta con un Plan de Igualdad cofinanciado con el Ministerio de Igualdad. Se ha trabajado en las medidas prioritarias que son la Guía del Lenguaje Inclusivo y el Protocolo de Prevención frente al Acoso.

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